Digital Marketing Code Of Ethics

At Crazy Wanderer, we embrace higher quality of standards and transparency in our work. As a digital marketing service provider, we are relentlessly striving to achieve positive results for our client’s business while maintaining and following the Code of Ethics.

1: We work to the best of our abilities to gain higher rankings, more traffic generation, potential feedback and online presence for our clients.

Our dedication and commitment are meant to deliver the desired results. But we make sure to implement nothing but ethical standards to fetch that.

2: We are not biased and all our clients are of equal importance to us.

We provide services to our clients regardless of their beliefs, religion and culture or other grounds. We work according to our client’s business needs and objectives. We consult with them prior to implement any strategy. We treat everyone fairly and does not judge any work in terms of small or less challenging. We do not support favouritism.

3: We do not make false promises to our clients.

As per the conditions of the client’s project and the type of strategy development required, we set a goal for our clients. This is done by calculating both the odds and the likeness of the positive feedback. So we always discuss with our clients in full honesty, giving the entire picture of the results they can expect.

4: We respect confidentiality and privacy of our clients.

We understand the value of our client’s information and do not engage in divulging any sort of information (personal or business) or discuss on the same on our site or anywhere without prior written consent from the clients. The Crazy Wanderer team also ensures that the client’s information will be kept confidential as per the non-disclosure agreement.

5: We will not intentionally harm the reputation of a client's brand or services.

Our standards of work is based upon the interest of our clients business, and we do not engage ourselves in activities that might become harmful for the client’s reputation. We make sure to work as per the standard digital marketing guidelines to avoid getting our client’s sites penalized.

6: We do not intentionally violate rules of digital marketing strategies.

In order to make the most of the digital marketing strategies for our clients, we keep ourselves up-to-date in accordance with the changes in internet marketing rules. We follow all the guidelines necessary for SEO, SMM, PPC campaigns, and other forms of services. Thus we ensure that our clients get authentic services without any rules or guidelines broken.

7: We do not intentionally violate any governmental laws.

From copyright laws to trademarks, we make sure that all laws and rules are maintained without any violation of both local and international regulations and right code of conduct for internet marketing business.

8: We neither copy others work nor support any sort of fraudulent activity.

Be it content, website designs, graphics or videography, we do not work with wrong means of operation. We clearly provide plagiarism report and credible reports as proof of our work. We only use content from a third party after getting their full consent of its usage.

9: We do not work with unethical practices and therefore will not deceive our clients.

We work to serve the interest of our clients so that they get results for their business exposure. But this does not mean we use false reports or information to lure our clients into believing inaccurate or wrong information either in our work strategies or on client’s websites.

10: We deal with honesty in terms of our credibility and expertise.

We present ourselves as we are, with honest and truthful information regarding our skills and achievements. We display our certification, training, awards and recognition in our website for our clients to see and we do not intentionally mislead our clients.

11: We provide our clients detailed information on dispute resolution.

We provide clear idea through our terms and conditions. We provide customer support team information for ease of communication and queries. Any legal disputes will be settled under the jurisdiction as mentioned in the company agreement.